About Brainscale

The Winning Formula

In the fabulous multi-level biography “The boys in the boat”, Daniel Brown explains how against all odds during the Nazi Germany these nine boys from different backgrounds got together and won the gold for US at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The movements of each rower are so intimately and precisely synchronized with the movements of all the others, that any one rower’s mistake at sub second level can completely throw it off. The things that held them as a team was trust, mutual respect and watching for one another. At BrainScale, at our core we imbibe these principles internally and extend these to our customers. We truly mean it when we say ”we win only if you win”.

"Solving Complex Challenges Through the Purposeful, Productive, & Powerful Use of the Cloud".

Core Values


We commit to conducting business with honesty, distinctive quality, and highest level of professional conduct.

Team play & Having fun

We believe, with fun and collective effort, 8 to 10 hrs a day at work has a compounding influence in creating impact for our clients and creates a very satisfying workforce.


We treat every customer as a partner. We subscribe to the belief that we win only if customer wins. It’s always a Customer-First mindset.

Design Thinking

We believe Systems Thinking and Design Thinking have potential to reduce rework and amplify impact. Engineering design is a core integral part of the solutions we deliver to create Business Value.

Phani Tipparaju
Founder and CEO
Vineet Bhatia
Founder and Chief Architect
Keith O Connor
VP Sales and Engagement Management
Nish Shah
VP Cloud Delivery
Atul Gupta
VP PaaS & Engineering
Joseph Palermo
Project Management


Phani Tipparaju

As CEO, Phani focuses on BrainScale’s core business strategy, future direction, and strategic partnerships. On a day-to-day basis, he works closely with the entire executive team in different capacities, including recruiting, marketing, sales, and delivery excellence.

Phani aims to help customers realize the full potential of the cloud (Microsoft Azure). He works closely with the development and sales teams to continuously learn and innovate the best ways to provide value to customers on their journeys in the cloud.

Vineet Bhatia

Vineet’s focus is overall readiness of the company in terms of adoption of latest and greatest bleeding edge technologies.

Microsoft and Customers. He also focusses on the day-to-day technical mentoring of our engineers. Oversees and coordinates the efforts of other technology-specific architects.

Keith O Connor

Keith is responsible for overall sales strategy and implementation to ensure company growth goals.

Keith brings over 15 years experience of go-to-market strategy development and execution, building strategic partner sales channels, and developing new and growing existing client relationships.

Nish Shah

Nish heads our overall Infra Delivery work and provides overall guidance and direction for Infra projects. He leads a team of on-shore/off-Shore Cloud Engineers focusing on delivery.

Nish’s experience includes the ability to lead and drive both strategy and “hands-on” deployments in Azure. Before joining our team, Nish was the lead Azure architect for 2 Big 4 Industry giants.

Atul Gupta

Atul handles key customer projects first hand while overseeing overall talent acquisition and readiness for application development and PaaS.

Atul is a seasoned techno-manager with 22+ years of experience in driving business growth, leading innovation and evangelism, consulting services, product incubation, client interfacing, and delivery management.

Joseph Palermo

Joseph comes to BrainScale with solid experience in delivery management and was repeatedly involved in establishing and refining service delivery processes. He constantly tries to establish uniform processes and procedures and ensures that each customer gets the same experience from the onset of engagement kickoff, also provides oversight over employees involved in the delivery process.