Announcing AzCOP for Azure Arc

Announcing AzCOP for Azure Arc

From Microsoft Ignite 2020

From Microsoft Ignite 2020

Operating hybrid clouds is a complex undertaking. To simplify operations, a common control plane solution that provides security, monitoring, identity & access management among other things is quite desirable.

Arc Solution for Hybrid Cloud

Azure Arc from Microsoft offers one such solution. It provides a single control plane solution between Microsoft Azure, private clouds, other public clouds and the edge.

Azure Arc control plane tools unify provisioning and management of infrastructure (Servers, Kubernetes, databases) in a common fashion across this hybrid space. They help standardize security guardrail creation, security operations and provide a window into current security compliance. They also allows for the infrastructure and the solutions built on top of this infrastructure to be managed by a third party through Azure Lighthouse.

AzCOP’s Value Add

AzCOP in its current avatar helps democratize Azure within the enterprise. It allows for Azure landing zones to be created repeatably and consistently. It allows for this landing zone creation request to originate from enterprise software development teams thereby democratizing access to Azure. With a combination and preventive and detective guardrails applied against these landing zones, AzCOP allows enterprise software engineering teams to rapidly iterate over their infrastructure while at the same time allowing Central IT teams the operational flexibility and insight into their Cloud.

AzCOP is now expanding to include Azure Arc for servers. With this announcement, enterprises can now create landing zones that feature additional policies and controls geared towards onboarding non-Azure physical / virtual servers into Azure Arc.

AzCOP for Azure Arc has the facilities to help automatically discover server footprint through a combination of DNS enquiry and hypervisor based discovery. These virtual servers can then be selected to be onboarded into Azure Arc. AzCOP takes care of the onboarding automatically.

AzCOP for Azure Arc at Microsoft Ignite 2020

BrainScale is one of Microsoft’s featured list of partners for Azure Arc at Ignite this year. Please watch the video here. Also please reach out to us for enquiries / demo here.

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