AzCOP is an extensible Azure control plane solution that orchestrates and provisions your cloud environment

300+ scripts to automate cloud landing zone creation in an industry-compliant framework

What is BrainScale AzCOP?

AzCOP is an Azure Cloud Orchestration and Provisioning software. A Microsoft CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) based control plane solution, engineered to provide comprehensive cloud governance while taking advantage of self-service to improve visibility, cost savings, and productivity. In short order of just few weeks it enables Azure to be production-ready by enabling all of Enterprises complex policy and governance controls, and automation requirements for on-demand, zero-touch Azure environment provisioning.

Guarantee Compliance & Observability

Accelerate time to enable Cloud with out of box 400+ preventive and detective controls, 100+ observability points and 200+ Cloud best practices.


Enables at scale cloud consumption by line of business by zero touch on demand auto-provisioning of Subscription/Resource Group based landing zones.

Customizable & Extensible

Completely customizable to fit your specific requirements. Azure Arc integrated. Promotes extensibility for multi-cloud and hybrid scenarios.

AzCop aligns with Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF).

AzCOP provides software-based solution for Ready, Govern, Manage and Adopt phases of CAF.
Reduces your time to market by helping you readily deploy your first landing zone or by helping you employ on-demand at scale zone creations with best practices and out of box complete end to end automation.

Provides Software Based Solution Framework for Enterprise Cloud Adoption Challenges.

  • Security
  • Governance
  • Audit & Compliance
  • Architectural Standards
  • Encryption & Data
  • Protection
  • Backup & DR
  • Control and Visibility

Builds on top of existing Microsoft Azure feature-set.

By building on top of existing Azure feature-set such as blueprints, management groups, RBAC and so on, AzCop enables seamless integration and provides that orchestration and provisioning engine. Imagine AzCOP as the expert cook putting together the ingredients of your favorite dish.

End to end comprehensive policy coverage by employing preventive and detective controls. For preventive controls leverages existing ARM policies (to avoid duplication) and custom scripting (PowerShell or Terraform based) for detective policies.

AzCOP Service Portal

AzCOP Self-Service portal for admins and business users (developers, architects and business analysts) along with the AzCOP-bot integrated with Azure-Arc provides complete comprehensive end to end Orchestration and Provisioning providing a control plane solution for hybrid scenarios and multi-cloud control plane from within Azure by integrating with Azure Arc.

FAQ about BrainScale AzCOP

AzCOP helps you setup a well governed, secure, compliant and automated Cloud. By employing AzCOP solution, you cut through the months and years of learning curve by employing a ready to use plug in model.

The following scenarios are all valid use cases:

  • You are consuming cloud but are not sure if you have it well designed for scale, right set of controls or on-demand provisioning.
  • If you are starting the Cloud adoption journey by following Microsoft CAF or otherwise then AzCOP provides you rapid time to market with software-based solution for landing zone creation for IaaS as well as PaaS workloads.
  • 400+ controls
  • 300+ automation scripts for provisioning network, subscriptions, resource groups, subnets, NSGs, ASGs, Azure SQL database best practices, App Service deployments etc.
  • 200+ best practices.
  • 100+ observability points.
  • Custom RBAC roles.
  • Multiple set of ready to use blueprints.
  • Reference architectures for business application’s landing zones.
  • Services engagement- customize to your requirements and deploy.
  • Deploy it as a product and let BrainScale manage the lifecycle.

4-12 weeks depending on your customization requirements.

  • AzCOP is a control plane solution.
  • Promotes use of Azure native portal and your own deployment methods to Azure control plane.
  • From an admin and user standpoint it provides very lean and mean set of screens for configuration and management aspects.
  • Customers typically integrate this as part of their Cloud Services intranet portal landing pages.
Yes, you can bring your own automation scripts if you already have them for deployment and AzCOP will integrate with that.

We’ve very thoughtfully ensured that you don’t.
Builds on top of existing Azure feature set- Azure Security Center, ARM Policies, Event grid, Azure monitor etc.
Integrates with your intranet portal and is completely customizable as per your needs.