Enterprise Azure Control Plane driven by Self-Service, Automated Governance and Flexibility

All your cloud governance, All in one place.

In today’s rapid time-to-value market it is imperative for Enterprise IT to harness the cloud to drive agility and efficiency. But the fact remains that IT cannot govern what it cannot see. With increasingly decentralised IT, automating cloud protocols for efficient controls and compliance becomes a greater challenge.

In such an environment, how can your business provide for comprehensive cloud governance while taking advantage of self-service to improve visibility, cost-savings and productivity?

Get more from your cloud investment with AzCOP

AzCOP – The silver lining in the cloud

The AzCOP Cloud Governance and Operations Solution provides the power of automation on a unified platform, giving you the real benefit of self-service cloud, enabling your IT to take up more strategic roles. Consolidate all aspects of sourcing, managing and delivering cloud services across matrix teams while managing cloud risk and compliance.

AzCOP provides over 100 off-the-rack controls to integrate necessary guardrails and automation across all the must-have areas of governance, giving you better control over budget, visibility, operations, security and compliance.

AzCOP in a snapshot

  • Policy driven governance
  • Cost management
  • Automated billing and chargebacks
  • Monitored security guardrails
  • Adherence to compliance

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