AzMigrate streamlines “Cloud Migration Lifecycle Management” under one portal

Increase efficiency of migration projects by 90%

What is BrainScale AzMigrate-MM?

Migration projects can seem scattered at the outset with various inventory lists, number of workloads, VMs and datacenters under consideration. Having gone through that journey multiple times, BrainScale created AzMigrate-MM. AzMigrate-MM for Migration Management provides one unified portal under which you have complete visibility across the stages of migration- assess, prepare, migrate and optimize.

Migration Planning

Take the migration assessment report and plan your application migration waves with respect to the 5R classification and duration.


Near real time reporting of the migration status across all the applications, source datacenters and destination Azure regions.

Cost Control

Continuously optimize cost of deployed workload by utilizing real-time sizing recommendations and other recommendations for Azure licensing options.


The AzMigrate Analyze module takes raw data input from Microsoft Movere and/or datacenter inventory lists, and survey results and provides a detailed 5R recommendation report for migration.


From within AzMigrate Prepare module you can create Azure landing zones with all your defined controls for migrating your specific workloads. It gives you an overall preparedness of various destination landing zones and you can on-demand create landing zones from here.

Migration Status

The migration status dashboard provides a near real-time view of migration status across workloads and applications by regions. It gives a monthly run rate view and migrated vs pending. This view can be customized based on applications/VMs as per your specific scenarios.


On-premise infrastructure is typically overprovisioned. During migration usually the same server sizes are carried over to the Cloud configurations.
The optimize module provides continuous recommendations for best practices and cost for the migrated set of applications and workloads.

Advanced specializations: