I will be doing a Windows Azure bootcamp on 5th May at Microsoft Jubliee hills office.

This bootcamp is strictly for the members of the MUGH (Microsoft User Group Hyderabad) community. And since this is a community event it’s totally free. This is a first of its kind community event where you will get an opportunity to “learn all the way” (around 8 hours) about a topic than just 45 mins.

Click here to register.

We have requested people with credit cards to enroll for this event as “Windows Azure registration” for FREE TRIAL requires you to provide credit card details. Please note that the credit card details are provided by you only to ensure there is no misuse of the account. It won’t be charged in any case. Even I am using the same (see below image) and the billing amount is ZERO and it will remain ZERO for three months and the account will be trashed after that. There won’t be any AUTO-Billing after the 3 months.

For additional details check our community blog http://blog.mugh.net/

If you have any queries, please feel free to comment.