Steps to upload a web site to “Windows Azure Web Sites” using FTP:

1. Open Visual Studio and create a simple application. Change the mode to release and build it.

2. Go to the project contents directory. You can safely delete obj and properties folders and other .cs files.

3. Go to the management portal for Windows Azure (

4. Create a new web site (see below).

5. Click on the web site to manage and configure it.

6. The manage and configure (dashboard) page is as below.

7. Focus on the quick glance section. Go ahead and create the deployment credentials (orange highlight). You will have to provide user name and password.

8. Copy the FTP Hostname and paste it in windows explorer (black highlight). In the pop-up window provide the user name and password for deployment. Note: the user name has to be given as “DOMAIN– USER”. The DOMAIN is the web site name that you gave in step 4 above. In my case it’s “TestAzureWSphani_tpk”. (see blue highlight).

9. Folder navigation -> Click on Site, then click on wwwroot.

10. Copy the contents from step 2 above to this folder. This should now look like the below.



That’s it you are now done. Click on the site URL and you should be able to see default.aspx. You can check the web site that I deployed here-

Hope that helps…