On December 5th, over 300 top healthcare and life sciences leaders from around the globe gathered at the Microsoft Conference Center in NYC for the 2nd annual Digital Medicine Conference. The advent of digital transformation is driving changes in the way healthcare is delivered. These visionaries met for three days to share how advances in technology are driving improved patient outcomes while controlling costs and streamlining the delivery of care.

Slides below from Daniel Kraft, MD closing talk on The Future of Health & Medicine:

Leaders in healthcare innovation assembled to learn about how expanded telehealth service delivery, remote patient monitoring with IOT devices, and exciting new technologies such as Blockchain are having a positive impact across key metrics supporting the digital medicine evidence movement. Understanding the vital role that digital transformation is playing in improving patient care, reducing physician data overload, and driving better clinical outcomes means these improvements can be scaled across the entire health system.

The revolution in evidence-based digital medicine was the focus of the conference’s many panel discussions and keynote speaker presentations. Similar challenges of security, privacy, and ensuring government compliance was a big topic with attendees looking to implement these technologies within their practices. Innovators are working to gather evidence-based data to demonstrate the importance of investment in digital medicine and are already reaping the benefits of utilizing digital tools and applications available to them.

Pictured below Dr. Ram Raju, MD, Dr. John Mattison, MD, and Dr. Ashish Atreja, MD, MPH, FACP discussing the social determinants of health:

The future of health digitalization is vital for healthcare providers to deliver the best available quality care to patients. From the ability to have patient health records available from any location, to leveraging data analytics to find determinants of health within individuals, to using AI technologies to perform intricate surgeries, these are just a few of the benefits that come from digital medicine. Node Health has been at the forefront of answering the call for evidence in Digital Medicine and BrainScale was proud to participate in this prestigious event.

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