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Our experts will customize Azure Cloud for your needs

The most common question we encounter from clients is where & how to start the cloud journey?

We believe Cloud is like a new Operating System. We steer our conversations with the client on answering “why” first before coming to where & what part of the cloud enablement question. Many a time, the answer lies in the business value client seeks on short term, medium term and long term


Support proof of concepts and pilot projects. Cloud definition to recommend appropriate Cloud services/solutions. Solution Assessments for migration- Cloud Economics, App Assessments.

Design & Implement

Cloud networking, Connectivity, Governance, Security, DevSecOps, FinOps, CloudOps. Implement AzCOP (Orchestration & Provisioning). Site Reliability Engineering.

Build with Business

Evangelize and co-develop with business. Broker Cloud capabilities to IT. MVP build out for lines of business. Build Cloud native apps.
Modernize existing apps.

Empower to Innovate Faster

Another question we encounter from clients is team composition to sustain business on Cloud.

To do so, democratization of Cloud & empowering employees to leverage Cloud with adequate safeguards is the most important change organizations have to go through.

Moving to the Cloud is a fundamental shift & we help clients make Cloud their new home!

Client’s Business Drivers determine the cloud journey

A Strong Foundation for Scalability

Discussion on “why cloud” often helps clients to discover value levers for cloud enablement.

With focus on value levers, BrainScale defines the right Cloud Foundation for the client.

Alignment with Microsoft CAF

BrainScale leverages CAF framework of Microsoft to stream the enablement of identified value levers

BrainScale works closely with various cloud partners such as Zerto, Unify Cloud etc to do automated inventory analysis, Economic Assessment and establish a baseline of opportunities for cloud adoption

Roadmap for Growth

Based on the value drivers in the short term, medium term and long term, BrainScale creates a roadmap of capability buildout for the client with BrainScale’s solutions and accelerators

  • AzCOP for Governance, Security and Provisioning
  • AzMigrate for migration to cloud
  • Cost Optimization Solution to help customer understand opportunities for cost reduction

Address operational items such as migration for “end of life” SQL server.

Consider the Following Case Studies

Case Study 1: Need to move workloads to cloud

Expectation is to migrate from the current datacenter to Azure cloud as part of Client’s datacenter exit strategy.

Solution: To secure cloud using AzCOP solution & create cloud migration factory. Empower different business groups to leverage cloud by creating self-provisioning capability.

Case Study 2: Need to leverage Azure cloud for disaster recovery and business continuity

Client’s expectation is to have the backups for their datacenter moved to cloud and stored in different Azure regions in compliance with geo-political regulations and restrictions.

Solution: Leverage BrianScale’s DRaaS for creating zones for hot/cold backups and recovery path.

Case Study 3: Need to develop a new application that will start small but may scale across the enterprise in 2 years’ time.

Solution: Create microservices based cloud native reference architecture.

Case Study 4: Need to enable entire employee workforce to work remotely via Azure based WVD.

Solution: Create a WVD setup on Azure with desktop pooling and profile-based allocation of resources.

To discuss with one of our experts on how to get started for building your home on the cloud!