BrainScale's Solution with bot engine provides continuous recommendations for Cloud optimization

Maximize Value of Azure Investment

Cloud Optimization and Management

Recommend Actionable Cost Optimizations

We work with you to define Financial Operation’s governing principles for your Multi-Cloud environment. Create a ready to use Dashboard on KPI’s for Cloud observability and metrics for Cost efficiencies. BrainScale Cost optimization solution is API based and extensible to integrate into your current tools, automation workflows, and reporting engines

Understand Financial implications of various cloud cost options

Reduce Capital and Operational costs to promote agility and innovations at scale

Discover asset optimization to have the right balance between performance, availability & efficiency of resources to reduce overall spend for your IT budget.

Establish process for continuous optimization

Get a true picture into actual resource consumption, spending waste, and pay as you go spikes. Establish process of continuous optimization of costs for covered/ enterprise agreements with cloud vendors.
BrainScale Cost Optimization Solution is based on industry best practices and FinOps standards providing forecasting models for your spend.

Establish a Center of Excellence for Cloud FinOps

With BrainScale by your side, define Micro-Level KPIs by

  • Business Unit
  • Projects
  • Geographies
  • Cloud Resources
  • Time horizon

In our experience of cloud optimization, customers do a true match of on-premises to cloud infrastructure with 33-47% excess capacity provisioned creating underutilized assets and cost burn.