The world just got started on data and analytics.

IOT has fueled the rapid content creation and cloud has enabled storage and analytics of petabyte scale data. And then this vast data is being used to train machine learning models completing the loop there.

Azure today helps you work with all kinds of data for varied set of scenarios using wide variety of data technologies.

Data On Azure

Get in touch with us and we can help you demystify data on Azure story. We can help you map out relevant components of the Azure data stack.

Our Services:
  • Lambda architecture
  • Classification of operational, analytical and streaming data components
  • Understand end to end data pipeline models

Data Security

Protect your data against internal and external threats. Cloud specific data security services by BrainScale help you develop a balanced data protection strategy with industry tested data protection technologies.

Our Services:
  • Network perimeter security
  • Data Encryption
  • Field level encryption for Big Data computation
  • Storage security
  • IAM
  • Isolation and visibility

Data Platform Modernization

Achieve advanced performance and faster insights through the deployment and management of databases both in the cloud and on-premises. Data aggregation, workflow orchestration, and database migrations, large system build projects with high volume data feed integration, and application development, database architecture, and system integration.

Our Services:
  • OLTP modeling
  • SQL Server based architecture design
  • On-premises to Azure Database migration
  • Non-SQL to SQL migration
  • SQL Server high-availability design
  • Metadata Management

Big Data Engineering

Out data architects can help you implement end to end data architecture right from ingestion to visualization on Azure platform.

Our Services:
  • Event hub, IOT hub or Kafka for ingestion
  • Azure SQL Data warehouse (MPP)
  • Azure HDInsight (Spark, Hadoop,Hbase, R Server, Apache Storm, Interactive Query) for Analytics

Data Warehousing

Solutions from large scale MPP warehousing in the cloud (Azure DW) to cross-platform reporting that provides a universal experience from desktop to phone.

Our Services:
  • Multi-Dimensional Modeling
  • ETL Development (SSIS)
  • SQL Server Sematic Layer Designing (SQL Server Analysis Service, Multi-Dimensional Model and Tabular Model)
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse Migration (SQL Server On-Premises to Azure SQL)
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse comparison (With other competitor, i.e. Amazon Redshift)

Data Conversion

As structured data and content become intermingled – retrieval and data analytics against today’s more robust NoSQL environments such as Azure Data Lake and Hadoop.

Our Services:
  • SQL Server On-Premises to Azure (ADF, SSIS)
  • NoSQL to SQL Server
  • 3rd parties platform (Oracle, DB2, Teradata etc.) to SQL Server (On-Premises or Azure)
  • Data moving in Azure (Data Factory, Azure Blog Storage to SQL Data Warehouse etc.)

Data Visualization And Data Discovery

Make data widely available to decision makers throughout the organization, facilitate rapid data discovery and outcomes by using our rich capabilities and experience in areas including enterprise reporting, data discovery and self-service BI.

Our Services:
  • PowerBI for Desktop, PowerBI for Office 365
  • Power Map for Excel
  • PowerPivot for SharePoint and Excel
  • Custom data visualization applications

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