Software isn’t done until it is delivered to the user

Good DevOps practices deliver the speed, quality and reliability you need to stay ahead of the competition. It identifies the relationship between various tools, ideas and themes of software development and IT operations, using rapid iterations and continuous improvement. But in the end, what DevOps hopes to bring to Agile is a cultural shift that software isn’t done until it successfully meets user expectations around availability, performance and pace of change.

With the availability of cloud-based infrastructure, devOps takes on a much larger role of driving enterprise-wide efficiencies. The challenge is, where exactly do you start? How do you scale it to become a cultural advantage, and more importantly, how do you replicate the outcomes?

DevOps Transformation (DOT) – The business end of software business


DOT by BrainScale makes embracing DevOps as a culture of change and innovation across the enterprise simple. It helps automate the various aspects of ALM across cloud platforms for faster time-to-market, reduced operational friction and increased productivity. By perfectly integrating with your CI/CD pipelines using configuration management, automated monitoring and a toolchain approach to tooling, DOT provides increased control to help you manage your deployments with zero risk of downtimes, enabling faster response rates.

Making DevOps a cultural advantage

At BrainScale, we fully understand the complexities and challenges of managing large global hybrid architectures on Azure. From assessment to managing your DevOps transformation, we can help your enterprise overcome the challenges like inconsistent environments for development, testing, production, and automation.

Your Applications / Teams

Traditional Dev / ITIL Processes

The BrainScale Engagement Model

DevOps Transformation (DOT) in a snapshot

  • 100+ out of box controls for security and compliance
  • Completely configurable policy engine
  • Ops & Automation
  • Self Service IT
  • DRaaS & Backup
  • Network Automation

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