Disaster is not in your control. Being ready for it is.

From data security violation to a natural calamity, an unforeseen event can bring the entire business to halt, leading to not just financial losses, but quite often, an irreparable damage to reputation. Given the completely unpredictable nature of the challenge, it is imperative that your Disaster Recovery strategy is geared to ensure seamless business continuity, no matter what. The traditional approach towards Data Protection and Data Recovery requires significant investments across various dimensions like tooling and remote sites. For implementation across global geographies, this cost escalates exponentially. Moreover, what’s often found missing is an accurate and granular impact assessment.

Time to say hello to BrainScale’s DRaaS, and carry on business as usual.

The 3 R’s of DR. Robust. Reliable. Responsive

BrainScale’s DRaaS solution helps you measure the impact, establish comprehensive recovery objectives and tests these metrics in a simulated environment. Our proven process and service frameworks ensure DR drills are performed with little to no downtime on production.

The BrainScale DRaaS solution helps your business quickly establish DR tiers and their respective service frameworks – combination of tooling and scripts customized for assorted workloads. With a four-tier recovery solution, BrainScale’s DRaaS uses industry-recognized backup and replication software as well as Microsoft Azure replication technologies to meet your business’ Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).


Arm Your Business with the Most Comprehensive Disaster Shield.

Without Breaking the Bank.

With Cloud as the default destination for data protection and disaster recovery, BrainScale’s DRaaS eliminates the cost of your current DR destinations / data centres. Our proven data protection and DR expertise helps you assess and choose the right solution that comes with all the benefits of cloud.

Rely on BrainScale’s DRaaS

  • Comprehensive assessment of Data Backup & Data Recovery status
  • Establishing appropriate DR tiers and identifying service framework
  • Standardising backup and DR tooling across the enterprise
  • Implementing complete backup and DR solutions for all IT/LOB apps
  • Performing backup integrity checks
  • Performing DR drills

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