Azure EA Price API

Azure EA Price API

If you are an Enterprise Azure customer, then it is likely that you are using the Enterprise APIs as well. We have been using them for past many months. Recently we had a need to use the following price sheet API{enrollmentNumber}/billingPeriods/{billingPeriod}/pricesheet

To our surprise the API returns duplicate records so if the price sheet is to have 1000 records, we were getting back 2000. This can be easily be verified by downloading the Price Sheet XLS from the ‘Download Reports’ section of the portal. Interestingly the v2 version of the API works fine.

We are working with Microsoft to get this addressed. If you are facing similar issues, please stand by. We will shortly update all about the fix to the API.

Note that the duplicate records issue doesn’t shows up all the time. If you call the API multiple times, it might fail once or twice.

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