Helping Health Plans Win in the Age of Consumerization

The future of Healthcare is in digitally reimagined experiences for the consumers, care providers, and Health Plans. Becoming better at engaging members can be one of the highest value activities a health plan can undertake. Evidence suggests that engaging 10% more consumers, aka, members who have the need to be engaged could approximately double net income for most health plans. However, most health plans struggle ineffective member engagement in-spite of creating an array of digital tools and assets. 

At BrainScale, we believe an effective member engagement is a sum of all the experience a member has with his/her Health Plan. We partner with Payers, Health Plans to truly create an engaging digital experience that drives sustained engagement, adoption, and adherence of digital tools.

Our model is simple- You don’t pay if we don’t move the needle of an increased member engagement on your digital Channel we build. 

Our Health Plan Services:

  • Member Engagement Strategy Assessment and Development
  • Member Experience(CX) Strategy and Design
  • CX Information Management
    • Integration of data, including big/unstructured to develop a single customer view
  • Consumer Experience Insights
    • Member intelligence, analytics, modeling, segmentation, and research
  • CX Delivery
    • Data, insights, and technology to make an optimal customer experience operational
  • Member Engagement Mobile App Assessment and Re-engineering
  • Emerging Technology Innovation
  • Digital Integration

Our Cloud Services:

  • Cloud advisory services
  • Infrastructure & application engineering
  • Data & analytics
  • Managed cloud

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