How AzCOP Fits in Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework

How AzCOP Fits in Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework

Overview: Cloud Adoption Framework and Governance

With the advent of the Cloud, businesses have been steadily moving infrastructure and applications from on-premise datacenters to the Cloud. There is a myriad of reasons to move to the cloud – from liability, cost savings, and scaling, but with cloud migration comes a much-needed change of mindset. Businesses must harness a more flexible mindset in their approach to leverage the benefits Cloud has to offer.

Microsoft has created the Cloud Adoption Framework to help businesses more easily migrate to the cloud.

What is the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)?

Microsoft’s CAF is a mixture of guidelines, tools, and best practices to make it easier to move to the cloud. Its key steps are Define Strategy, Plan, Ready and Adopt. Two overarching steps are Govern and Manage that are a part of the entire process.

Define Strategy – Determine overall business objectives, define justifications for cloud adoption, and determine first project to adopt the cloud

Plan – Align actionable adoption plans to business outcomes

  • Digital estate – Inventory and rationalize your digital estate based on assumptions that align with motivations and business outcomes
  • Initial organizational alignment – Plan for initial organizational alignment to support the adoption plan
  • Skills readiness plan – Create a plan for addressing skills readiness gaps
  • Cloud adoption plan – Develop a cloud adoption plan to manage change across the digital estate, skills, and organization

Ready – Prepare the cloud environment for the planned changes.

Adopt – Migrate and modernize existing workloads.

Operate – Govern the environment and workloads

  • Govern – Ensure consistency across adoption efforts. Align to governance or compliance requirements to maintain a well-managed cross-cloud environment.
  • Organize – Align the organization to ensure success across the operating model and various cloud adoption efforts
  • Manage – Align ongoing processes for operational management of the technology to maximize value attainment and minimize disruptions.


The Cloud Adoption Framework provides needed structure around migrating to the cloud. It is a collection of existing tools for businesses to enable:

  • Saving – money, time
  • Efficiency – Best practices by default
  • Protection – Through Governance & Managing, it provides security, cost savings, compliance

What is AzCOP

AzCOP is BrainScale’s proprietary platform in Azure that streamlines governance and automation. It enables self-service cloud to improve efficiency and ensure best practices. AzCOP deploys pre-defined packages (ex. LAMP stack, pre-configured VMs), detects events in subscriptions and runs built-in or custom code to remediate environments.

AzCOP allows for admins to configure guardrails to proactively prevent non-compliance of Azure resources regardless of method of creation (ex. Azure Portal, Powershell, Terraform, ARM templates).


  • Simplifies creation of resources
  • Applies governance proactively
  • Works seamlessly with CAF
  • Makes adoption of best practices automatic

How AzCOP Fits with CAF

CAF comes with a baseline blueprint to begin migration. AzCOP extends this blueprint to automatically and proactively implement compliance, governance, and security. It then automatically monitors resources as soon as they’re created. AzCOP has the ability to listen for Azure events and respond with built-in actions, or even use custom code. Customers can also create custom events to trigger their own code, allowing for extensibility to current applications.


CAF provides an excellent overall framework to enable and support cloud adoption. BrainScale’s AzCOP incorporates an added layer of automation and governance throughout the enterprise, significantly reducing risk, cost, and accelerating growth in the cloud.

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