According to Gartner, Public Cloud migrations are steadily growing at 60% year on year from 2015

Finding the right partner is key to the migration success.

With multi-million cores worth of datacenter footprint assessed globally and successfully migrated, ready to use IP solution called AzMigrate, multiple migration relevant advanced specializations, proven process and dedicated migration practice, BrainScale is your perfect partner for Azure Cloud Migrations.

Advanced specializations:


As a Microsoft partner for Solution Assessment, BrainScale has the established processes and expertise to perform datacenter and application migration assessments at scale in order of weeks.

Prepare & Migrate

Based on Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and our IP set in the Migration space, we will lead you through the “Azure preparation” & “migration” journey in a well-defined manner.


What good is Cloud if you are migrating just for datacenter exits? We will help you migrate to cloud for app innovation and optimize the usage to take advantage of the elastic nature of cloud.

BrainScale Migration Framework

BrainScale Migration Framework is a collection of implementation guidance, templates, best practices, and tools that are proven to accelerate your cloud migration journey.
Multiyear cost
Cloud readiness report and 5R analysis report
Migration Plan, Reference architectures & recommendations
Assessment Tooling (Movere, Turbonomics, Azure Migrate)
Prepare landing
zones in Azure.
Migration approach finalization for apps/data.
Employ AzCOP to enable the Cloud for production workloads

Networking, Connectivity, Security, Governance.

Migrate per the prioritization. Employ BrainScale Migration Factory
Realtime migration status integrated with Azure DevOps
Cutover from on-prem. Testing/Validation and Transition Plan
Employ ASR, Zerto and other BrainScale Custom Scripts
Right sizing
Licensing / cost savings recommendations
Chargeback / Showback with extensive customization
Billing Information


Assessments can be of various types depending on your Cloud strategy and maturity. Right from overall datacenter assessments to a particular workload to a complete application assessment for Cloud, BrainScale can employ relevant assessment process relevant for you. During the assessment phase we can help you build your business case and provide and step by step approach.

Additionally, as a certified “Microsoft Solution Assessment” partner, BrainScale can work with Microsoft Solution Assessment team and Customers to define the scope of the engagement, review requirements, align stakeholders, and finalize migration project outcomes. Following are few Microsoft programs that can be taken advantage of during the assessment phase.

Azure Foundations Assessment provides insights, analysis, & recommendations for moving to Azure supported with:

  • Executive summary of data-driven findings
  • Alignment to business objectives
  • Defined project scope
  • Identification and prioritization of candidates to move to Azure
  • High-level, multi-year Total Cost of Ownership
  • (TCO) analysis
  • Proposal to execute an Azure Migration Engagement
  • CAF Governance Analysis and Recommendations

Azure App Innovation Engagement provides Customers with a detailed assessment for up to 5 applications including a deployable reference architecture and a detailed migration plan:

  • Ideate and Architecture design session
  • Detailed Migration plan
  • Gap analysis for foundational cloud governance principles
  • Azure cost consumption estimates

Skilling opportunity for application and data owners

Azure Migration Engagement provides customers with cost estimates, reference architecture design, and a migration plan for a specific workload:
  • Data-driven findings on respective workload/application
  • Azure service and architecture recommendations
  • Azure cost consumption estimates
  • Procurement recommendations
  • Decision criteria and time frame
  • Migration plan
  • Proposal for implementation and migration


The prepare phase refers to the “Azure landing zone” preparation. BrainScale helps you completely automate this step by employing BrainScale AzCOP solution. During this phase Azure Cloud landing zone is enabled for specific security, policy, compliance, network, connectivity and governance requirements.


During this phase the migration of apps, VMs or workloads is performed as per the migration plan. Based on the specific scenario at hand BrainScale employs ASR (Azure Site Recovery), Zerto, BrainScale Migration Factory for modernization (monolith to microservices factory) or custom automation scripts. The goal is completely automating this step and provide real time status reporting by using status report feature of BrainSale AzMigrate-MM.


On-premise infrastructure is typically overprovisioned. During migration usually the same server sizes are carried over to the Cloud configurations.
During optimization, AzMigrate provides various recommendations such as moving lift and shift VMs to PaaS app services or employing licensing aspects such as AHUB (Azure Hybrid Use Benefit) to take advantage of the elastic nature of Cloud.


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