It’s the age of Cloud Thinking.

For rapid business growth with your SaaS application, we believe you’re already building it for the cloud.Sample this key finding from the 2016 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey. “Cloud technology is becoming a staple to organization’s infrastructure. 70% have at least one application in the cloud.”

While cost efficiency and scalability and speed of deployment are prime motivators for cloud adoption, it comes with other equally vital benefits like better resource efficiencies, flexibility, and the ability to service users irrespective of their geographical boundaries.

However, amidst this shift from a paradigm of cloud-tolerant applications to building cloud-native applications, it must be remembered that designing SaaS applications optimized for Cloud needs a whole new approach. One that we call Cloud Thinking.

At BrainScale, we believe Cloud Thinking is about how you reimagine your business model to give it a limitless appetite for
growth; while we make sure your SaaS application is equipped in every respect to drive it.

BrainScale SaaS Application Assessment Approach

SaaS Application Assessment for Cloud Readiness

Based on your SaaS application’s unique requirements, BrainScale’s Cloud Readiness solution provides a comprehensive assessment within the framework of key SaaS design Principles. These SaaS principles are applied on key assessment parameters that include, but not limited to, Scalability, Security, DevOps, SaaS Operations, QA, HA & DR, Customer On-boarding, and Account Management & Billing.

With our deep scanning across the board, the assessment report identifies architectural gaps in your application design and prioritizes them according your business needs. What’s more, it provides actionable recommendations with respective cost-impact analysis. Thus, giving you all the intelligence required to release a scalable and fault-tolerant application.


BrainScale’s SaaS App Assessment in a Snapshot

  • Comprehensive assessment of your SaaS application architecture
  • Comprehensive assessment of your SaaS application architecture
  • Identifies all architectural gaps impacting cloud readiness
  • Diagnostic report with cost impact analysis
  • Actionable recommendations to turn your application 100% Cloud-ready

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