In this age of rapid technology advancement, it is important to have a clearly defined vision for Cloud Onboarding. We can help you perform a thorough assessment of your existing state on premise or in cloud and help you with the right strategy for your specific requirements at hand.

When it comes to strategy you are really trying to address quite a few aspects which could involve thinking about heterogeneous clouds, hybrid cloud implementations, data center consolidation into cloud, backup and DR into cloud.

  • Define your Enterprise Cloud Strategy
  • Establish Cloud Migration Factory
  • Perform TCO Analysis for Cloud Adoption
  • Design Subscription layout for Self-Service IT
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Before you bring your apps and data to cloud, security and connectivity are top two important aspects to be addressed and implemented. Followed by that the next steps are to provide the ITSM services in cloud. We can help build out complete data center in the cloud and help migrate your applications to Azure cloud.

  • Azure ExpressRoute/VPN Connectivity
  • Establish BCDR in the Cloud
  • Azure Network Design
  • Cloud Process and workflow Automation
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We believe the world just got started on data and analytics. IOT has fueled the rapid content creation and cloud has enabled storage and analytics of petabyte scale data. And then this vast data is being used to train machine learning models completing the loop there. Azure today helps you work with all kinds of data for varied set of scenarios using wide variety of data technologies.

Our Data Solution Architects and Engineers can help you with your IOT scenarios, lambda architecture implementations for stream and batch processing involving HDInsight spark/kafka, data factory, data lake, SQL DW implementations in Azure.

  • Cloud Application Assessment
  • Application Modernization
  • DevOps Automation and Continuous delivery
  • Containers and Micro Services
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BrainScale managed cloud (Scale 360) helps you build on top of Azure cloud platform with rapid time to value and low TCO. Focus on your LOB apps and data and leave the rest to us. While our best in class certified Architects can help you get to the cloud our Scale 365 engineers help you keep the lights on.

  • Managed Hosting Services
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Cloud DRaaS
  • 24X7 Support helpdesk
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