From data center security violation to a natural calamity, an foreseen event can bring the entire business to halt. Given the completely unpredictable nature of the challenge, it is imperative that your DR strategy is geared to ensure seamless business continuity.

  • Comprehensive assessment of Data Backup & Data Recovery status
  • Establishing appropriate DR tiers and identifying service framework
  • Standardising Backup & DR tooling across the enterprise
  • Implementing complete Backup & DR solutions for all IT/LOB apps
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With increasingly decentralised IT, automating cloud protocols for efficient controls and compliance becomes a greater challenge. In such an environment, how can your business provide for comprehensive cloud governance while taking advantage of self-service to improve visibility, cost-savings and productivity?

  • 100+ out of box controls for security and compliance
  • Completely configurable policy engine
  • Ops & Automation, Self Service IT
  • DRaaS & Backup, Network Automation
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Software isn’t done until it is delivered to the user. Good DevOps practices deliver the speed, quality and reliability you need to stay ahead of the competition.

  • DOT ties together Azure infrastructure provisioning and application CI/CD pipelines
  • DOT provides complete control and insight on application lifecycle and deployments
  • DOT helps establish DevOps practice across the enterprise
  • DOT automates the processes right from the moment a repo is created all the way to managing deployments across containers, PaaS environment or to virtual machines
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Based on your SaaS application’s unique requirements, BrainScale’s Cloud Readiness solution provides a comprehensive assessment within the framework of key SaaS design principles.

  • Comprehensive assessment of your SaaS application architecture
  • Leveraging key SaaS design principles
  • Actionable recommendations to turn your application 100% cloud ready
  • Identifies all architectural gaps impacting cloud readiness
  • Diagnostic report with cost impact analysis
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