Team Offsite

Team Offsite

It started off as a meeting with select few people, due to limited time that our CEO, Phani, had during his India trip, but then we decided to invite all. After all there had been lot of new people in the team and many had not met each other. The team is spread across Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Jalgaon, Ludhiana etc. (we work from home most of the times)

Our team of 4 from Pune initially thought to be a bit adventurous and thought of driving down to Bangalore, a journey of about 850km, that takes about 12 – 14 hrs. We were excited about it and were into finalizing our hotel stay for 2 days in Bangalore. But things don’t always happen as you plan then. For reasons unknown, my BP shot up one fine day, which turned out to be not so fine for me. There were still few days before our trip but didn’t want to take any chance, given that it was me who had to do most of the driving. So we took the usual option and booked ourselves on flight, reaching Bangalore early in the morning and returning back late evening.

Day started early, on a Sunday, at 4.45 am and all of us met at the Airport by around 6.30 am. Having done web check in and with negligible baggage, we just walked straight to the security check and were at the gate in almost no time. Flight took was on time and comfortable. I do miss the in-flight F&B service. Yes, we can always pay and buy things, but it felt so much better earlier.

We took an Ola from Airport to Signature Club Resort. Turned out to be a nice place for our offsite. Nice and clean and ample space with big lawns, tennis, cricket, volley ball, badminton, snooker etc. It reminded me of my early days in Bangalore, back in late 1990s, when I and some friends had taken membership of California Resort in Yelahanka. We used to try and go there every weekend, for using their badminton and swimming facilities and also have a nice buffet breakfast and lunch.

Offsite was very good. Got to meet our entire India team, leaving a few, who could not make it and a detailed round of introduction helped get to know their profiles and background. We had some very interesting team building games conducted by TreeBound and while it was bright and sunny and hence very warm, we all, enjoyed all the games. Overall breakfast, team introduction, games, lunch, games, business insight by Phani, awards to well deserving performers in the team, followed by high tea and we wound up the event by 5 pm.

Back to airport by 6.30 pm, quickly finished our security check and were at the gate by 7 pm. Flight back was again comfortable and on time and was at home by 10.30 pm. A bit of a hectic day, but all well worth it, especially meeting all the enthusiastic team members all gearing up to take BrainScale to new heights.

Thanks Vineet, Ajay and others who helped organize this event.

Cheers and all the best to all of us @BrainScale!

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