The Rise of SaaS

The Rise of SaaS

The Information Technology world has seen many revolutions- the early calculators, telephones, printers, scanners, fax machines, the MAC, the PC and so on. And each advancement in the process of evolution did depend on work/knowledge from previous inventions.

cloud and devices

There are some like Marc Benioff, (the founder and CEO) who invent the future. They start fairly early-on before the real infrastructure falls in place. I mean, when started in 1999, neither the internet was fast enough nor were there so many devices and nor were people so mobile. in many ways grew with the internet and transitioned (teenage and then into twenties) with the advent of cloud and the devices revolution. It’s definitely arguable that they wouldn’t be so successful without the reliability of the internet/bandwidth. And of course without Sony there wouldn’t be an Apple and without Amazon there wouldn’t be a Salesforce (arguably so). Steve Jobs kept on saying earlier on that Apple should be like Sony and at some point eventually he said Apple should be like Apple. Same goes with Salesforce. Marc Benioff, wanted enterprise apps should be as easy to use as

If you are really watching what happened and happens often, from an app-dev perspective we are certainly experiencing a major step in this evolutionary process, history is unfolding right here, right now. The line between consumer and enterprise apps is really getting blurred. Werner Vogels the CTO at joked the other day that is so simple and easy to use that people don’t want to classify dropbox as an enterprise product. Enterprises are used to doing it the hard way- the whole nine-yards.

Like TV killed the radio star, youtube killed the TV, twitter killed the blogger star, cloud+devices will kill the enterprise star-apps. And that’s essentially the SaaS in this context. In fact, it’s *aaS- everything as a service. I want to sum this up with the diagram below- where the three gears represent the current state of affairs from a provider/enabler point of view. You are either engineering the device or the cloud or building on top of them. For anything that falls outside these three it’s just matter of time.

device cloud and development

And yes, one more thing and something very contextual. Isn’t, this whole thing reminiscent of the very first 1st Mac commercial by Steve Jobs. –


-Phani | @phanimt

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