Understanding Azure Subscription

Understanding Azure Subscription

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One of the first questions that I get from customers who are serious about Microsoft Azure Cloud offering is “Where do I start?”, “What is an Azure subscription?” When you swipe your credit card or buy Azure what exactly do I get. To that extent the question from enterprise customers then is “How do I isolate work between various project teams?”, “What about show-back or charge-back?”

It was becoming tough to explain these in a single blog post, so I decided to write it in the form of a quick eBook so that you can download and read it as a complete topic.

Subscription container model in Azure

Subscription container model in Azure

This is the cover image I choose for this book “Understanding Azure Subscription”. It’s from Wikipedia. It’s called Matryoshka doll. The reason for choosing this image is of course covered in the eBook, so read on :). In short, you need to plan before you really get started in terms of leveraging various Azure features and this book helps you understand exactly that. The details in this book are not a must to know before you start working with Azure, but yes, knowing it makes your life easier specially if you are thinking multiple projects, isolation, network layout and so on.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading this. Have fun!

Cheers, -Phani

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