Why BrainScale

BrainScale’s years of enterprise experience has taught us that there is no one-size-fits-all prescription for businesses to adopt cloud. Different business have different drivers based on their strategic intent and execution focus to differentiate in their market place.
Hence, BrainScale’s approach to client’s journey starts with a fundamental question of how well does client’s cloud strategy support their business strategy.

Cloud Business Value has 5 focus areas:

  1. Cloud Foundational Capability – Build what is most relevant to the organization needs.
  2. Compliance – Enhance compliance, security and governance of IT infrastructure by leveraging cloud’s pre-built capability.
  3. Resilience  – Enhance business continuity, prepare disaster recovery plan.
  4. Efficiency – Seek to lower capex, improve IT asset utilization, increase automation and rationalize people’s cost on cloud.
  5. Growth – Enhance ability of the organization to launch New Business lines, manage growth spurts and reduce time to market.

Leverage Cloud Adoption Framework

BrainScale helps clients align with Cloud Adoption Framework, checklist, tools and automation scripts to help clients adopt most optimal strategy to accelerate use of cloud.

Comprehensive Cloud Solutions

BrainScale translates its years of experience helping clients implement modular solutions. These solutions help clients avoid common mistakes and ensures all best practices are put in place. Battle tested codebase help clients take full advantage of cloud for security, governance, migration and cost optimization needs.

Most of all, Brainscale brings highest degree of professionalism to partner with clients. Most of our clients value BrainScale for the advisory and consultative approach to cloud adoption. BrainScale founders, having spent formative years in training enterprises, have nurtured an organization in an empowering way. This approach helps clients and their employees to seek out BrainScale’s expertise to learn & adopt cloud most efficiently.